Digital Umesh India’s Youngest Digital Guru


In the present times, internet has become a very important thing. There is immense potential in the future.

The internet is amazing that nowadays 16-17 year old youth are able to earn lakhs of rupees a month in association with big brands.

Meet 18-year-old Umesh from Delhi who is a social media influencer, a digital marketing expert and social media consultant.

Umesh was fond of internet etc. since childhood, he did not know that his hobby would one day open new doors of success for him.

Today Akash is not interested in any introduction, but everyone in the social media world knows him by the name of “The Digital Umesh”. Currently, he is handling the social media accounts of many politicians and celebrities.

And on the Facebook, YouTube etc. teach other youth the tricks of the Internet and social media through video. Being a source of inspiration for many.

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