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Divya Gandotra, A Tech YouTuber, Turned Entrepreneur


Today you will meet Ms Divya Gandotra, famous YouTuber and a TechGirl. When Divya was 15, She started YouTube Channel to Unboxing latest Gadgets, create app reviews and tutorials.


She was born in Jammu, J&K, completed her Schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya then went to noida for further Studies, currently pursuing diploma in computer science engineering (second year) from PIIT Greater Noida. She also certified in Fundamental of Digital marketing by Google Unlocked.


She also stared few projects on women Safety, and she was also awarded as

  • Entrepreneur Young Achievers award in Delhi.
  • Incredible Indian icon award in Indore.

Success Journey

With the passage of time She also started her own news and media company, named theScoopBeats with +50,000 active Audience. She has more than 20,000 active Audience on Instagram.

Divya Gandotra has achieved success in a very young age of 17. At the age when teens are busy in playing and chatting on Social media, Divya Changed her Life and made her own identity, with the increase of Digitalization, Divya become Successful in technical Field. She watches success stories of other YouTubers who became zero to hero in digital platform.

Being in a Digital platform she used to learn from hatred and she drastically changed her content by her audience suggestions. In an interview with FamePublish she told, “I may not be a good content creator for myself but my audience know I am better, they support me and love my content which I create”. She added: “I was literally inspired by the movie Secret Superstar, this movie motivated me more and more to create my content”.

Divya Gandotra is also known as the Tech Girl of YouTube community. She used to manage everything from Noida. She is also a part of ASTNT. Pvt LTD. Before her YouTube Journey, she has a big stage of fear which was automatically vanished while making videos on YouTube.

Once she also said that before her YouTube journey, she never been to any debate or school stage performances as she for afraid of it. But after coming into YouTube can speak fearlessly everywhere also she believed in self-confidence.

She has faced many difficulties in this field being a girl, She used to make all videos in single room but by the time, her YouTube dream was not completed because of her studies and then she decided to pause her YouTube for few months and after her exams, she again started making content with double energy and hard work. She believes that when she purchased a DSLR from her own earnings that was her first achievement.

Meet Amey Bhagwan Chougale, Backbone of Celebrities


The world has changed, and we are becoming more digital, strategies of marketing for individuals and companies have changed in the past decade or so even in India. To market into today’s time, you need good strategist and expert, which can take your popularity to a different level.

Many young talents across the globe are making their name in digital world and India is also not far from that. As we are talking about experts of today’s time the first name comes in this list is “Amey Bhagwan Chougale” a very renowned young entrepreneur who is making individuals into a celebs and small companies into a brand with his work and skill.

People like Amey Chougale are the force behind top stars, he knows how to handle everything, events, digital promotion & celebrity management experts like Amey Chougale who are the real heroes behind mainframe actor and actresses. He is an all-rounder who has and working with many famous stars and handling their social media work under his company Dyscovery Entertainment.

In an interview with FamePublish Amey that he has worked for many reputed celebrities from bollywood, his work includes work like handling clients for events and social media activities, increase their reach to more fans across the globe, their verification process on top social media platform which can help his clients get more work due to verified accounts and boost fan followings with organic followers.

As Amey was gaining success with his work, he decided to start his own company called Dyscovery entertainment, which is located in Mumbai, maharashtra. Amey is all set to launch yet another branch this time in Belgaum, Amey is growing at rapid speed and why not when you have the talent you deserve every bit of success and fame in life.

Amey worked with many popular fames from Bollywood & all his social media promotion is done by dyscovery entertainment, Amey Chougale’s company. A “pro” of this field and well-known personality in terms of events, digital promotion & celebrity management

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Narendra Singh Dhami: Nepalese Youngest Social Activist


Narendra Singh Dhami is an Nepalese Social activist who is involved in social activities since 2016, currently he  is campaigning to build a Community Hospital in Raskot. Dhami was born in April 23, 2002 in Darchula Nepal,where he attended Shree Gadibhawan Secondary School Thapla and Shree Rastriya Secondary School Dattu.

He studied from grade one to ten at Gadibhawan Secondary School Thapla after passing S.E.E (School Education Examination) Narendra Singh Dhami joined Rastriya Secondary School Dattu,he studied high school education at secondary school Dattu.

Dhami is also a Actor and author, he have written few books about environment and have acted in few movies like Warning: Do Not Play, Mission Unstapabol: The Don Identity and Hacker’s Game Reduex but mainly he is known as social activist in Nepal.

Narendra was born to Mr. Bhadra Singh Dhami and Mrs. Sita Devi Dhami, Dhami has three elder sisters Pashupati Dhami Mahara,Yashoda Dhami Karki, Durga Dhami Khati and one elder brother Laxman Singh Dhami who is a Singer and songwriter.

Narendra is a Founder of News website The Nepal Today, available on both Nepali and English language owned by Nepal Today Network Pvt. Ltd, which is a registered News and Media company in Nepal founded and owned by Narendra. Learn more on his facebook page

Quotes by Narendra Singh Dhami

There is no magic in this world because everything has reason behind them.

– Narendra Singh Dhami

Only that is true love which never complete.

– Narendra Singh Dhami

People die younger because god loves them but we are still alive that means there is someone who loves us more than god.

– Narendra Singh Dhami

Irina Garasymiv about giving up the crown of Miss Europe


Miss Ukrain Irina Garasymiv was Miss Europe-2019. 1st Runner Up Miss Moldova Diana Tomy 2nd Runner Up Miss Russia Zlata 3ed Runner Up Miss Poland Adriana Pac 4th Runner Up Miss Armenia Susana Yegorycin 5 th Runner Up France Victoria 6Th Runner Up Miss Voulgaria Decina Valentin

Top 10 Miss Cyprus Mikaela Nicolaou 17 Years old and first time Represent Cyprus and was one of the Winner Stavroulla Nicolaou president International organization beauty contest & fashion week was a special quest from The organization Miss Europe President Elie Nahas from Lebanon The big production was fro MTV in Lebanon Special Quest was Miss Europe 2018 Luiza Buton she was Grown Miss Europe 2019 .

Irina Garasymiv Say that I was supporting Lebanon while revolution Also been to Thailand trained Edith all mma fighters from ufc Sight 6 contacts for 2020

Moving to dxb

Had in this year 78 flight

69 photoshoots

7 video shoots

and about to make my own show on YouTube about problems in relationships between ppl

And I have only 2 months left to be a queen if miss Europe

Jayant Rajora: India’s Fastest Inline Speed Skater


Jayant Rajora is an inline speed skater from Delhi, India. He started skating in 2006. He has won multiple national medals in skating and has represented INDIA in World Roller Coaster Championship-2017 held at Nanjing, China..

He started his career in skating at the age of 13, that time he liked to play sports, ride bikes etc. but he wanted to do something different so he planned to join skating.

Apart from skating he completed post graduation degree in Sports Sciences from University of Delhi.

He always eager to learn more and more about sports sciences and strength and conditioning. His idol is strength and conditioning coach, Charles Poliquin.

He told in an interview with FamePublish that in 2016 he started a professional speed skating academy with his previous coach Rahul Kaush named GTA (GURU TRAINING ACADEMY) to provide young generation higher level of training to help them achieve bigger milestones.

Vasili Kranidis: Rise of a young Entrepreneur


Vasili Kranidis is 17 Years Old. He started his Social Media Marketing business when he was 15. Since then he as amassed over 200 thousand followers on Instagram and now earns 5 figures sometimes 6 figures every month.

He helps other people gain more followers for their businesses and careers. He is in the process of starting a Marketing Agency but as of right now if you send him an email he always responds and helps people with their social media needs.

At 17 he has shown his success by purchasing a brand new 2019 Dodge Charger Rt. He plans on moving into the real estate market and continuing to do marketing. You can find him on Instagram @foreiignvas and email him at

Barkha Sonkar, Mechanic’s Daughter Wins Gold at Saif Games


Due to poor economic condition of the family, Barkha has made a different point by winning the war against poverty. She is currently pursuing a Recreation Tourism Sports Management course from the University of Houston, USA.

Barkha Sonkar, daughter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency, Benaras, has won a gold medal in the 13th South Asian Games (SAIF) basketball ball competition. Scooter mechanic Bholanath’s daughter Barkha has participated in eight international competitions so far.

Barkha Sonkar has been interested in basketball since the age of 13, joining the Indian basketball ball team participating in the SAF Games. Barkha, the youngest of four sisters, started practice from UP College’s basketball ball court. Participated in National for the first time in 2009 and in International Competition in 2011. Never looked back after this. He also participated in the Asian Women’s Championship of 2019 Fiba (International Basketball Federation Association).

Battle won over poverty

Due to poor economic condition of the family, Barkha Sonkar has made a different point by winning the war against poverty. She is currently pursuing a Recreation Tourism Sports Management course from the University of Houston, USA. He is also the captain of the University’s basketball ball team. Her dream is to participate in the league matches of the Women’s National Basketball Ball Association of America.

Pro Bodybuilder Ryan Quealy is on the raised


— Hope is in the air as upcoming future pro bodybuilder Ryan Quealy is on the raised, 18 year old Ryan Quealy also known as “21Ryannn” on Instagram & “basegod_mj” on Snapchat consistently reports records of his gym growth as shown he first started lifting weights December of 2019 when he reports a family member gave him a membership as a Christmas gift.

Going into the gym weighing 130lb soak an wet Ryan puts consistent efforts into his career. 1 year later Ryan Quealy is up to 146lbs benching 205lbs, squatting 225lbs and deadlifting 315lbs numbers like these have proven the dedication and grind this young athlete is on.

Ryan is now starting a training program that allows clients to join him in the gym for a session to get a feel for how much work it takes to find the results they may once dream of, as of the time this article is written there is no cost of charge to begin training with Ryan.

“Sleepless nights and hours in the gym will one day pay off” as Ryan consistently tells his social media fan base.

As shown on his Instagram (21Ryannn) the fans love interacting with Ryan each an every post with numbers like 20k views on just video.

We love seeing the youth put in this type of work and stay away from video games cheers up to ‘Ryan Quealy’ and goodluck on your pro card!

Amir Aldaraji got called up for Iraqi U-20


Amir Aldaraji recently accepted to play for Iraq national team instead of USA.

Amir Played with so many club in USA he started his career at Barcelona Academy u14 after that he played for force fc, Tennessee sc, Chicago fire U-23, Chicago Fire.

Amir said I’m very proud to represent my home country Iraq in the Asian cup U-19 I hope we make it far and put my country on the top of the map.

Qahtan Iraq-U 20 Coach:
Amir Is very talented and skillful he’s fast and I wish him best of luck with us, he started practicing with us so we can get ready for the finals.

Digital Umesh India’s Youngest Digital Guru


In the present times, internet has become a very important thing. There is immense potential in the future.

The internet is amazing that nowadays 16-17 year old youth are able to earn lakhs of rupees a month in association with big brands.

Meet 18-year-old Umesh from Delhi who is a social media influencer, a digital marketing expert and social media consultant.

Umesh was fond of internet etc. since childhood, he did not know that his hobby would one day open new doors of success for him.

Today Akash is not interested in any introduction, but everyone in the social media world knows him by the name of “The Digital Umesh”. Currently, he is handling the social media accounts of many politicians and celebrities.

And on the Facebook, YouTube etc. teach other youth the tricks of the Internet and social media through video. Being a source of inspiration for many.